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The Five Safest States In America Since Spring

As spring break is quickly advancing toward the summer season, adventurers want to make the most of their summer vacation by visiting only the safest states. While many believe the country is not past the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak, local travelers still want to widen their safety net by checking out which states meet the highest metrics as far as safety from coronavirus infection is concerned.

Although travel website Travel Pulse listed 15 states as the safest vs COVID-19 place to visit this coming summer months, we have listed below only the top five, namely: Maryland, South Dakota, California, Washington DC and Hawaii. Compared to other states, these five US state have high metrics when assessed in terms of:

1. Maryland

Maryland is the leader of the pack as it has achieved the country’s highest vaccination rate. As far as COVID-19 death rate is concerned Maryland ranks 12th as having the lowest.

2. South Dakota

South Dakota is noted for having the lowest COVID-19 transmission rate, whilst ranking Number 21 for having the highest vaccination rate and stands as number 25 for lowest death rate ranking.

3. California

California’s strict measures to prevent the COVID-19 to spread fat and wide across the state made the Golden State the region to rank as second-lowest in terms of positive testing. It actually ranks high, at number 16 for its vaccination rate score.

4. Washington DC

The nation’s capital, which although is not a state, is not surprisingly the is tied with Maryland for having the highest vaccination rate. It also takes pride for having the lowest COVID-19 death rate since April 20.

5. Hawaii

This year, Hawaii reopened tourism to both international and local travelers without imposing any coronavirus safety restrictions. So far, going into the 2022 summer season. Hawaii has kept itself the safest for having the highest score in terms of vaccination rate, whilst notable for being one of the states with the lowest rate of transmission this spring.