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Deep Cleaning a Hiking Backpack

A sturdy hiking backpack is an important investment for those inclined to spend most of their free time in the great outdoors. After all, the type of pack used to carry numerous important hiking gears must be robust enough to withstand any kind of environment, climate and weather.

Most hiking aficionados prefer to invest on the legit expensive types. Those are the kinds that come with unconditional warranty for several years; suggestive of the manufacturer’s guarantee on the durability of materials and method used in constructing every piece of backpack they make.

Deep Cleaning a Backpack Necessitates Use of a Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Since hiking backpacks tend to take on different kinds of dirt and grime, there is a need to deep clean them once an outdoor adventurer gets home. Although soaking, wiping and soft-brushing the soiled area are good enough ways to clean a backpack, those that went through tougher travels are likely to have accumulated more dirt and grime. You may have failed to remove some of the soil, sand and gravel from your tent or sleeping bag, before packing them back in your backpack.

Turning the bag inside out and vigorously shaking out the dirt may not be enough, as some of the small particles would have found their way inside seams and zippers. When deep cleaning your hiking backpack, you will find it necessary to use a handy vacuum cleaner that can suck up dirt not visible to the human eye. Even if you apply vigorous brushing, such actions can only weaken the seams and/or zippers in time.

It is important to prevent dirt build up because those are the main attractors of mold and mildew, which are carriers of microorganisms that thrive in moist environments. Thoroughly drying your hiking backpack therefore, is another must, before putting it in storage.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner to Use in Deep Cleaning a Hiking Backpack

Portable handheld vacuum cleaners can almost do the job. A better alternative though is the type used for cleaning carpets, which some brands refer to as an electric-floor sweeper . It is a cleaning apparatus specifically designed to thoroughly clean any size, or kind of surface, by way of strategically positioned brush rolls that can easily pick up small or large-size debris; including hard-to-see pet hairs.

By the way, use a portable electric floor sweeper on a backpack that has been turned inside out, before proceeding with the basic soaking, wiping, brushing and drying procedures. That way, you will be dealing with less dirt and grime during the cleaning process.